• Dual mode RTOS
  • Hard Real-Time
  • Never disables Interrupts
  • Threads and Fibers
  • Free and Open-Source

News and Events

Open source version for Q▪Kernel PIC32 is now available for download

- Smart inline functions keep the pipeline full for optimal performance
- Rich functionality
- Integrated thread aware debugging support with the Q-Viewer
- Extensive documentation

Open source Q▪Viewer is now available for download

- Full support for PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32
- Rich functionality
- Simple to use
- Thread window (Name, stack in-use, priority, status, wait info, etc.)
- Message window (Type, content, use-count, etc.)
- Memory pool window (Type, size, free, etc.)
- Timer window (Name, type, expiry, etc.)
- EventSet window (Name, waitlist, etc.)
- Mutex window (Name, waitlist, etc.)
- Semaphore window (Name, available permits, waitlist, etc.)
- Queue window (Name, message list, waitlist, etc.)
- Pipe window (Name, entries, etc.)
- Publisher window (Name, list of subscribers, etc.)
- System window (version, Last Error, heap memory, etc.)

Q▪Viewer User Guide

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About Q▪Kernel

Q▪Kernel is the only FREE open-source dual-mode RTOS with the superior segmented interrupt architecture
Some Key features include:

  • Zero interrupt latency and no interrupt jitter
  • Never disables interrupts
  • Tick-less with 1 µSec time granularity
  • Power management with lowest power consumption
  • Statistics and tracking
  • Most complete system with:
    • Threads and fibers
    • Events
    • Semaphores
    • Queues
    • Pipes
    • Mutexes
    • Publish/Subscribe
  • See all the features here

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